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    New beginnings, new places, new spaces, new dimensions, new relationships, new miracles, new break throughs, new experiences…..Taste & see “the new”, you will “live out” the new, taste the new, what seemed impossible for years, will Now become POSSIBLE….

    Old methods, traditions, offenses, hurts, memories that has kept you in bondage & preventing you from stepping into the NEW needs to be tossed away in order for you to be launched into the NEW…..”lay aside every weight that so easily ensnares us”

    No eye has seen & no ear has heard….GOD IS GOING TO BLOW YOUR MIND!!

    God is launching you into a BRAND NEW SEASON….Ready? Set! Go!!! Collect the spoils due to you!

    Doors unlocked 🗝
    Doors 🚪 opened!

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