To be able to fulfil our vision and mission, the following is proposed for 2012:

1) A 1-day Teacher’s Workshop before the TLC Kids commences in 2012.

Purpose: To empower/equip teachers on:

  • How to work with the kids
  • How to deal with different types of characteristics/behaviour
  • The importance of knowing each child
  • To lay a spiritual foundation
  • How to prepare lessons
  • How to present positive teaching
  • How to be positive models

2) Meet quarterly and have “brain storms”

The purpose of this is to involve the teachers (unity /ownership) in the setting of goals, programmes, drafting of lessons, allocate responsibilities, identify and address weaknesses, get solutions to weaknesses/problems and identify any improvements on what we are currently doing.


3) Kids:

  • To instill a daily habit of of serving God.
  • To have an appreciation for the Bible and God’s Word and prayer.
  • To have the assurance that they are a part of the church.
  • To memorise Bible verses.

Further to the above, the following is also proposed (for further discussions):

  • Annual visit to a children’s home – Outreach (kids to minister) – This could take place any time of the year (date to be set)
  • Have an art session every six months
  • TLC Kids Camp